Editorial style headshot and portrait photography (location or studio) for use in print publications, social media and websites. Dublin-based portrait photographer, Master of Arts educated with a creative career at The New York Times. Contact me to see how I can help you get some great photographs.

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How do I book a photo session?
Email me dates of availability and what kind of photos required.

How long does a session last?
1 to 3 hours but can be rushed in 15 minutes.

Do you work on location?
Yes, at the client’s location.

How will I receive my photos?
I’ll send you a download link.

How do I pay for my photos?
Cash or Paypal.

How much do you charge?
See chart below.

Location portrait session Studio portrait session
30 to 90 minutes duration 1 to 2 hours duration
Delivery of 9 finalised portraits including photo retouching (removal of skin blemishes) Delivery of 12 finalised portraits including photo retouching (removal of skin blemishes)
€150 €250

Terms and conditions

Greig Stevens - © Copyright Terms & Conditions of Business

In keeping with current industry standards and copyright law, commissioned images remain the copyright of Greig Stevens. This protects the interests of us, the photographers, against subsequent reproduction or distribution of the images beyond their initial agreed use.

For the first 2 years the image licence and sole usage rights of any commissioned image remain with the client. During this period these rights – and consequently the image – can not be re-assigned to a third party by us the photographers without the express permission of the original client.

Thereafter we guarantee that an image will never be sold to a competitor or used in a way that could be deemed derogatory to the original client.

The client may however continue to reproduce the commissioned photography for as long as agreed in the Usage Fees Agreement, providing that it is directly related to promotion or advertising of the original company and not transferred to a third party even if that third party is a subsidiary or linked company.

Should a client wish to secure an image exclusively, for a longer timescale, occasionally we may agree an extended image licence or a copyright buy-out fee depending on the circumstances of the images and the possible future applied uses.

If an image has been commissioned by an advertising agency or other party on behalf of a client, then the advertising agency or other party may not assign rights to anyone other than the original client for whom the work was commissioned.

The advertising agency or other party may retain the right to use the image for its own self-promotional purposes providing that it is in the context of the original use. i.e. an adverting agency may demonstrate commissioned images as part of its own self-promotion or portfolio providing that it is in conjunction with the respective artwork or client logos for which it was originally commissioned. Under no circumstance may an agency reproduce the photography for another project or its own promotional purposes without commissioned images having a direct link to their original purpose.

If photography is commissioned by an agency it is the responsibility of the agency to ensure that all visuals/briefs or ideas for the photography are original in content. Greig Stevens or those working for them will not be held responsible for any action brought by a third party for copyright or intellectual property infringement.

In commissioning Greig Stevens or those working for them, you are declaring your agreement to be bound by the above copyright terms and conditions. Should the aforementioned terms and conditions be broken, you may be liable to legal proceedings taken against you in accordance with the UK Copyrights and Patents Act 1988.

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