Greig Stevens | Photography

Preparing for a shoot

Getting ready

Give yourself enough time in your schedule so that you are not under pressure and are relaxed (your photos will look better). Both men and women should moisturise their skin for a few days before the shoot. Body hair should be removed as this is difficult to do in post-production. Men should only shave early in the morning and not a couple of hours before the shoot.


Bring spare shirts, blouses, ties, or scarves in different colours, preferably in plain or subdued tones without patterns. I use mainly grey and white backgrounds so most colours work but think about your colour palette and keep it simple.


Colour coordinate your accessories (belts, jewellery, watches, etc). These can be as bright as you like as these are accent colours and will make your photos pop. I personally think that chunky, sculptural jewellery looks great when photographed.

Untitled photo

Hair and make-up

Women should bring make-up, brushes and some face powder. Try and colour coordinate everything so that it contrasts or matches your clothes. Bring hair brushes, combs, clips, and hair-bands and perhaps get a haircut a few days beforehand. 


Eyes can get bloodshot and tired looking very easily. So get a good night’s rest before the shoot and avoid all alcohol for 24 hours. If you wear contact lenses please remove them and just wear glasses for the day. 


Finally, if it is cold, both men and women should wear some lip balm protection because dry and chapped lips are virtually impossible to fix in retouching. Women should bring different shades of lipstick.

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